What Is Retreat?

Tinuiti’s annual company retreat has a special place in our shared history and DNA.  The original event was developed as a single, fun day to break-up the year. As our business began to grow, we came up with the concept of an annual ‘Retreat’.  The first few handful of company retreats consisted of 40 or so people and continued to grow in number of participants from there.

The intended goals of each retreat was always the same:

  • Spend Time Together (Especially with colleagues that you work with that are located in different places)

  • Have Fun

  • Learn from each other


Today, we’re close to 600 people, three times the number who attended our last company retreat in 2018. So, while it’s not financially feasible to place 600 people in a single location and achieve the goals of retreat, it is an integral part of our culture, and we need to maintain it.


We hope that you'll walk away from the retreat with new passion for the incredible company we have/are building and a thankfulness for the great people we get to work with.

What to Expect 

  • Morning Registration
  • Lunch
  • "Tinuiti Talks"
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Happy Hour & Dinner
  • Goodbyes and Travel Day 

Making Travel Plans

  • Booking Travel 
    • You are responsible for booking your own travel (flight/train.)
    • Book ASAP to get the best rate. 
    • Choose the flight & carrier that gets you to the event prior to 11:45am so you can fully participate in the day. 
    • All employees must book travel using TripActions beginning 8/1.
  • Hotels
    • All hotels will be booked by the retreat team. 
  • Local Employees (San Diego, Philadelphia and Atlanta)
    • While local employees are encouraged to return home after the day's festivities, you do have the option of staying over in the offical retreat hotel. 
    • All local employees must use a rideshare service (Uber/Lyft) to get to/from retreat, this cost will be covered by the company.
  • Travel Policy 
    • Adhere to the universal budget for flights which is $500 max, regardless of market or flight length. 
    • In accordance with our travel policy, Tinuiti will not cover the expense of a checked bag because the trip is under a 3 day stay. Checked bags can be purchased at the employee's expense. 
  • Is Your Flight Longer Than 2.5 Hours? 
    • Let us know during registration if your travel reservations require more than 1 night's accomodations.

Tinuiti Talks

We know that Tinuiti is full of some pretty awesome people and we want to hear from you! 
Similar to a TED Talk, TINUITI Talks are a way for our employees to encourage curiousity, to inspire, to teach and to share about what is important to them.