Future Proof Your Online Retail Strategy
2:35 PM - 3:05 PM
The online retail landscape is undergoing a metamorphosis as merchants explore a variety of emerging technology trends to try and stay ahead of ever shifting buyer expectations of what defines a great online shopping experience. Join John Glasgow, Director of Commerce Strategy as he looks at how emerging technologies including AI, ML, AR, VR, personalization, advanced data insights and much more are enabling leading online merchants to stay ahead of the innovation curve and delight their customers with engaging experiences
Full Name
John Glasgow
Job Title
Director of Strategy
Speaker Bio
Director of Commerce Strategy, John leads strategic initiatives for Adobe Commerce Cloud including vision and strategy for the product portfolio, product integrations, M&A and competitive differentiation. Previously, he worked in technology investment banking at Union Square Advisors where he completed dozens of strategy projects and M&A transactions for leading software companies such as Magento Commerce (Adobe), Salesforce, SnapChat and Intuit. Before that, he worked in business development at Fidelity Investments and also led business operations as a start-up Co-founder for Shopparel, a social shopping tech company.