The Future of Advertising on Amazon and Ways Brands can Plan Ahead
10:10 AM - 10:35 AM
Amazon's rapid enhancement of their suite of advertising tools and functionality amount to a reshaping of the Marketplace. In this session, we look at Amazon's recent updates as an indicator to where they will be investing in their ad programs moving forward and how your brand can be best positioned for the future.
Full Name
Patrick Petriello
Job Title
Director, Amazon Strategy
Speaker Bio
As the Head of Marketplace Strategy, Pat has 10 years of experience working with the Amazon platform as a brand seller in the electronics space, as part of Amazon's Seller Service division in Seattle, and with Tinuiti. Pat is an innovative leader who continuously keeps his team up to date with Amazon's latest trends and insights. He specializes in implementation, performance, and management of effective strategies for business selling on Amazon's national marketplace.