The Digital Universe is Expanding, How is Your Brand Keeping Up?
It's not just you, Amazon, the entire marketplace channel as we know it is evolving, creating grey areas between everything digital and how we work within in it. The shrinking retailer market and the constant additions of advertising types and platforms are galaxies to be visited along the way, but it's all about choosing the right mix to be in the right place at the right time with organizational readiness, operational efficiency and keeping those customers onboard. We'll take a look at the newest brand initiatives and options in Amazon and beyond, how to adopt and what to blast on by.
9:20 AM - 9:45 AM
Full Name
Elizabeth Marsten
Job Title
Senior Director, Strategic Marketplace Services
Speaker Bio
Elizabeth is the Senior Director of Strategic Marketplaces Services at Tinuiti, where she works with teams in advancing cross-functional strategic enterprise services through program development, advertising and sales support on marketplaces. She is also responsible for delivering a holistic ecommerce strategy across all channels.

Prior to joining Tinuiti, Elizabeth was the Senior Director of e-Commerce Growth Services at CommerceHub, where she led a team in paid search and account management for brands and retailers. Elizabeth has also worked as the VP of Search Marketing at Portent, where she established and grew the PPC, SEO, analytics and social media teams.

With more than 13 years of ecommerce and digital marketing experience, Elizabeth is a noted industry expert and has spoken at many of the leading search conferences in North America -- including Mozcon, SMX Advanced/East/West, HeroConf, State of Search and Engage. She is also a course author and co-author of Wiley Publishing's "All in One Web Marketing for Dummies." When she’s not sharing her professional expertise, Elizabeth likes to practice Kendo, a Japanese martial art.